by petercortle | August 15, 2010

Life Changing Apparel is committed to making a difference in style. We blog a lot about the freshest music and clothes here, but believe it or not, we do it all for a higher purpose: to help children who, legitimately, may not have the means to help themselves.

So, we are proud to announce a partnership with our friends at Vestergaard Frandsen in Sweden, makers of LifeStraws. If you don’t keep up on the latest in humanitarian technology, we’ll fill you in: LifeStraws are portable water filters that have the potential to save thousands of lives every day in nations with limited access to pure water. These little babies are only 31 centimeters long, and have been proven to kill around 99.99% of waterborne bacteria.

Heard it hear first: newly upgraded LifeStraws will be released in August with a capacity of 1000 litres and can withstand even extreme temperatures.

The folks at VF believe so much in what we’re doing, they have given us a supply of Lifestraws to give out to LCA Crews committed to making a difference. We’re proud to say we’re the only clothing company with a partnership like this on our hands – and we plan to use it to the fullest. For more on LCA’s social impact, check out this page.