by petercortle | August 29, 2010

Highly reliable with an unmatched level of commitment – Lucas has been with LCA from the very beginning through the good and rough times. He drove eight hours the day of just so he could make it to the photoshoot and help out. Lucas is also one of the funnest people you will ever meet.

Our very own Chris Brown in attendance. He’s paying close attention so he can provide feedback to the model who’s working the camera. Judging by the smile, it’s probably Steve who’s up. JK.

Steve and Molly just hanging out. What’s over there guys?

Everyone taking a food break sponsored by LCA.

You can tell Marissa is totally focused – she’d be goofing off and singing one moment but once she got in front of the camera it was all business. Btw, Marissa is a good singer so ask her to sing for you if you ever get the chance.

The finished product of the actual model shots will be released to the public exclusively here at the relaunch of the LCA online shop.