by petercortle | September 22, 2010

The first song I heard from this dude a few weeks back was some sampled horns beat. I disregarded Forte as one of those hated “old-school in 2010” advocates. Not on this blog.

But even the most progressive hip-hop blog in the world makes mistakes, and for this, I apologize to Mr. Forte’. After listening to a few more songs, I gotta say that straight up, this dude is different. Different beats. Different flow. Different voice. Different style. And I love it.

Case in point: his song “Black Chukkas,” featuring Raak. The video’s pretty cool, the song’s nice, but it’s more the message he’s giving that rocks me to my shoes. In 2010, Nikes are no longer the only acceptable footwear for hip-hop heads. You gotta give love to those Chukkas, baby, and Forte’ makes no apologies for his hipster fashion choice. Dude’s got some sweet rhymes too. We at Life Changing Apparel can’t wait to hear more from this rising artist.