by petercortle | September 27, 2010

So Chiddy Bang have been making major waves for just about two years now. The dynamic duo of producer Xaphoon Jones and MC Chiddy first got their start at Drexel University in Philadelphia, where they quickly ditched the dorm rooms and classes once they figured out they were onto some kinda different sound. Xaphoon’s pitch-perfect melodies and big beats make Chiddy sound like he’s rapping over some DJ mash-up of contemporary hits and international rhythyms.

Their progressive sound has gotten them a big following in Europe (those Europeans are always one step ahead of us, aren’t they)? Indeed, the group worked and lived in London for a time, releasing the short, hot mixtape Air Swell earlier this year. Now signed to EMI Records, Chiddy Bang are looking to make their major-label release in early 2011, with a pre-album EP in the works sometime before then. For now, check out one of their most popular tunes, and learn how to get fresh like Chiddy Bang.