by petercortle | October 13, 2010

In recent years, Virginia has been known for its hip-hop more than its country. With the advent of Wale, the District and Northern VA has finally started to see some of the rap limelight. Avery, a.k.a The 703, hailing from Arlington, VA, is hoping to continue this trend.

Avery has been a relative force in the Northern Virginia rap scene since he was 16. Putting out two popular mixtapes, “The 703 Mixtape Vol. 1” and “The 703 Mixtape Vol. 2,” he showcased some of the area’s best talent while making a name of his own on the mic. Though he is a proud resident of the ‘burbs, Avery’s lyrics evoke a lifestyle of money, cars and women-a lifestyle he actually lives out in his real life. 

Check out his Myspace, which was recently re-launched and redesigned. Our personal favorites? The banger “Monsters” feat. Reggie Royale, and the epic ballad “I’ll Make You the One.”