by petercortle | November 3, 2010

From the same source who introduced us to Cali Swag District before we knew how to dougie, LWR presents us with a feature on Kellee Maize. – peterCORTLE

Aight, so before I comment on the obvious novelty of a white, female MC, lemme just say that Kellee is also from Pittsburgh: so chalk up another win for the 412.

Now to the actual artist: Kellee is on some other ish, with talk of shamanism, mysticism and mind expansion. But straight up, it seems authentic: she’s got a pleasant voice that’s sufficiently raw with life experience. And her verses? A parade of dope lines speckled with lines you may have to Google to understand. The fact that this chick is making her own lingo and style is sick. Listen to her take on a Mobb Deep classic, and keep your eye out for homegirl making major moves in the future.