by petercortle | November 15, 2010

Now in the year 2010, reppin’ your education isn’t the novelty it may have been ten years ago. This is the new school, ya’all! And in the new school, school is literally cool. Dig? Ask Mike Posner and J. Cole if you don’t believe me.

Coming straight out of Cornell University, Chance Fischer is the class of 2011’s best hope at an Ivy League MC breaking through. At least as far as we can tell. He’s obviously got some ridiculous lyrics—he’s learning how to write at the same place that Vonnegut, Pynchon and Toni Morrison mastered their craft. But even more exciting, he’s got that rare trait that the most committed rhymesayers lack: swag. MAD swag. Swag so vicious that he’s able to balance a full course load, hold positions in various campus clubs, and still release a sponsored mixtape in the first two months of his senior year. Don’t hurt ‘em, Chance!

We were lucky enough to book Chance for this Thursday’s Launch Party –and we couldn’t be more pumped. Check out his track “Mixed Feelings” from “Here,” which dropped this past summer, and download his “Lucky Libra EP.” Both are fire. And both are Life Changing.