by petercortle | November 22, 2010

Kellee Maize is one of our favorite new artists on the scene right now. Sure sure, she’s got a great voice and a crazy flow, but it’s her message that’s really what gets us. Quantum physics? Spirituality? Don’t hurt ‘em, girl!

Kellee is crazy busy at the moment, working on her new tentatively titled album “Integration” and managing her promotion company Nakturnal LLC. She also has a full plate spreading her love and dodging the negative vibes that inevitably come the way of anyone experiencing success.

“There are definitely a lot of haters, people that think I’m a cult leader,” Kellee said. But regardless of those who may misinterpret her message, Kellee stays on her grind and is steadily making a legitimate name for herself.

She took some time to talk with us about her style, her music, and her Life Changing moment.

Life Changing Interview x Kellee Maize.

LCA: So the big question: How did a girl like you get into hip-hop?

Kellee Maize: I’ve always loved hip-hop and writing, but I never really had the confidence to perform my own stuff when I was young. When I got to college, I became aware of what an incredible form of activism it is and started performing regularly.

LCA: How have you developed your style?

Kellee Maize: My style has morphed maybe 3 times, but I was always a seeker, wondering why we are here, why the world is the way it is. I was always learning about the spiritual side of life, quantum physics, the law of attraction, etc.

LCA: What has been the Life Changing moment for your music?

Kellee Maize: My dad passed away 6 years ago and I found my birth mother who didn’t want to talk to me. That’s when I really started becoming super-serious about my music. It was the final blow that made me become present and aware. It still took a couple years but I knew then there is no time like now.

LCA: You started your own MARKETING company, Nakturnal, in 2005. Tell us about balancing the business side of your life with the artistry.

Kellee Maize: I started Nakturnal right when I got really serious about music. My interests and skill sets are very supportive of both. It was challenging; at first I was not very successful at balancing the two. But I’ve been able to develop a team that really loves me, and I love them. I don’t do anything other than work, study/practice spirituality (non religious) and make music. It can be hard to get in a creative zone sometimes with the business going on but, I’m working on it!

LCA: Where do you hope your music will take you?

Kellee Maize: I really just want to be in a situation where I can survive from music and continue to inspire and help people and hopefully make them dance. I want to have enough money to put it into things that I care about and believe in. I realize music is just one way to reach and help people.