by petercortle | December 19, 2010

Straight out Richmond, it’s the most soulful MC to come from Ol’ Virginy since the boys of Clipse. Nickelus F has been steadily grinding the past several years now, building hype the old-fashioned way—at least as old-fashioned as New School hip-hop goes. Heck, he even titled one of his 2007 mixtapes “How to Build a Buzz for Dummies.”

And in 2010, Nickelus is still teaching other MC’s how to do it. With a strong grassroots fan base, and a gaggle of features with a number of other artists, including a few Drake pieces, we’re guessing Nickelus F could be in line to be one of XXL’s “Top 10 Freshmen” this year. Score one for RVA!

Check out the cut “Cold City” from his recent Season Premiere mixtape, and throw it up for Mr. F.