by petercortle | February 13, 2011

For 17-year-old Doug Brown, surfing is more a lifestyle than a hobby. Growing up near Atlantic City on the island of Brigantine, New Jersey, Brown has been surfing since he was 6. With a Top 10 Place finish in the Northeast High School Championships under his belt, and a trip to the NSSA East Coast Championships in Sebastian Inlet, Florida coming up, Brown is still in the very early stages of his career and is already impressing. Ladies and gentleman, the Life Changing Interview x Doug Brown.

LCA: Who or what inspired you to start surfing?

Doug: No single person really inspired me to start surfing. I was young and always at the beach, and I would always see the older kids doing it and it looked so cool and I guess I wanted to just be like them. But as I grew more interested in the sport, it was the surfers like Kelly Slater and Andy Irons who inspired me to excel.

LCA: What do you hope to achieve with your athletic career?

Doug: I hope to achieve what every other kid dreams of; that’s just being a professional. I want the chance to travel the world, to experience new things and new cultures.

LCA: How do you see your style as being athletes and surfers? What sets you apart in your career?

Doug: I strive to have more of a fluid, laid back, but powerful style. You see surfing today and it’s all about the biggest airs, crazy spins, but I want to bring the core of surfing back. Back to more rail to rail surfing and barrels. If there is one thing I strive to be as a surfer, style-wise, it is a good barrel surfer.

LCA: What has been the single most life changing moment that affected your surfing?

Doug: That would definitely have to be my first barrel. I was only like 12 at the time and probably only like 4 feet tall and the waves were like 4-5 feet that day. I just remember pulling and not really knowing what to do. It was so short but to me it felt like forever.

LCA: What contests do you have coming up?

Doug: In the spring I have NSSA East Coast Regional Championships in Sebastian Inlet, FL. And in May I have the ESA Northeast Regional Championship.

LCA: What’s the one spot you most love to surf at?

Doug: My favorite spot would be Las Flores, El Salvador. The wave is just so perfect and so long. When you’re surfing the wave it has a way to just make you feel like you’re a better surfer.

LCA: What’s the spot you’ve never surfed at but would love to try?

Doug: More than any break, I would love to surf Lower Trestles on a less crowded day . The wave just looks so perfect and you have so many things you can do on the wave.

LCA: If you could change one thing in the world right now, what would it be?

Doug: If I could change one thing in the world, I would change the economy. Everything starts with a better economy, and more people with money could lead to donations to organizations and companies who give back–like LCA–thus making the world a better place.

LCA: Anything else you’d like to add?

Doug: Surfing is definitely something every person should get to try. It only takes one good ride to change your life and make surfing something every person craves–otherwise known as “Surfers Stoke.”