by petercortle | March 13, 2011

The streets of the Bronx were home to many hip-hop pioneers, and following that good old-fashioned legacy is New School pioneer Mickey Factz. You may recognize Factz from the cover of XXL Magazine’s 2009 “Top 10 Freshman Issue.” Factz was recognized then for his experimental style rooted in solid lyrics and banging products. He’s been grinding hard since then, releasing a number of acclaimed mixtapes and slowly building up to the release of “The Achievement” later this year.
Ladies and gentleman, the Life Changing Interview: Mickey Factz.

LCA: Who or what inspired you to start making music?

Mickey Factz: Listening to Big Daddy Kane when I was a little kid … from then on, I got entranced into the world of hip-hop.

LCA: What do you hope to achieve with your music?

Mickey Factz: I hope to inspire everybody … I feel like a lot of people aren’t inspired anymore to achieve their dreams. And I also want to get the sort of recognition I believe I’m destined to receive.

LCA: How do you see your style as being different than other artists on the scene right now? Is it your fashion sense? Your sound? Your lyrics?

Mickey Factz: My sound and my fashion are extremely different than other artists now. My fashion is more forward-thinking, sleeker, inspired by Japanese styles. I don’t think I can be compared to anybody right now.

LCA: What has been the single most life changing moment that affected your music?

Mickey Factz: When I got my deal, that was a great. But there’s so much more to get. Things like going to award shows, getting recognized, working with higher caliber artists.

LCA: What other artists would you like to collaborate with?

Mickey Factz: I’m willing to work with anybody who is on my level and higher. Specifically, I’m looking to work with more producers, and to get back in the studio with B.O.B., Drake…all the homies. And I gotta do something with Kendrick Lamar.

LCA: If you could change one thing in the world right now, what would it be?

Mickey Factz: I would get rid of any kind of violent weapons—guns, bombs, missiles, all of it.

LCA: Anything else you’d like to add?

Mickey Factz: “The Achievement” is coming. Request “We Young” at your local radio station.