by petercortle | May 14, 2011

[This is Part I of LCA's feature on the upcoming Haiti trip. Besides giving insight into what we're up to, this feature will introduce to readers the preparation that's needed when making such a trip.]

With the Haiti trip less than two weeks away, the LCA Crew went to get some shots. Of course, they weren’t of the drinking variety and were far more expensive. With the cost of the appointment with the travel nurse added onto the bill for shots and pills, the total came out to be $337 (per person) which is actually $15 more than the round-trip plane ticket to Haiti ($322 through Spirit Air). Unquestionably well worth it for what we’re about to experience!

Each individual will receive a different number of vaccinations depending on their past history and preference – personally, I received the two recommended for all travelers – one for Typhoid (serious disease that causes high fever killing up to 30% of untreated patients) and another for Hepatitis A (liver disease that causes severe stomach pains often leading to hospitalization). Besides the two, I will start taking Chloroquine tablets one week prior to departure to help protect against malaria.

Part II of this segment will cover the essential items we’re taking to Haiti – time to go shopping.