by petercortle | May 25, 2011

[This is Part II of LCA's feature on the upcoming Haiti trip. Besides giving insight into what we're up to, this feature will introduce to readers the preparation that's needed when making such a trip.]

With the shots out of the way, next up was picking up the essential items we’ll be needing during our trip. The following photo represents the types of items we’ll be bringing with us.

A mix and match of supplies we already had and ones we needed to purchase. The shopping spree came out to a total of $191 which was less than what was originally expected. The items you see above include a tent, flashlight, work gloves, first aid kit, rain outerwear, insect repellent (anything less than 40% DEET is useless), sunscreen, hand sanitizer and of course LifeStraws. As for the cap – anyone who knows me knows that I never go anywhere without a cap.

The red box on the top-left corner is an inventor’s kit we’re bringing to help aid a patient’s recovery with tuberculosis near the compound we’re staying at. Sparkfun Electronics donated the kit to help encourage the student to stay in treatment (rather than leaving halfway through to return to school) by allowing him to do something relevant to his studies. We’ll also be making room for a switchbox with a rheostat for an air purifier that is going into the clinic.

In the end, the complete budget for this trip will come out to be $1086 per person – $322 for flights, $337 for vaccinations, $191 essential items, $96 for transportation to airport, $35 for check-in baggage, $105 total for per-diem. Hope this helps others plan accordingly for any similar trips in the future!