by petercortle | January 11, 2012

I’m a bit obsessive with certain aspects of LCA. You may have noticed our site aesthetics changing seemingly every full moon…that’s because one of those aspects included my never-ending pursuit of making LCA’s website really dark. Judging by what you see around these words, you’d agree I’ve finally succeeded.

All jokes aside, this is BY FAR the best iteration of our site improving the user experience (that means for YOU) through added functionality and much needed visuals. But not gonna lie, I was a little sad to see the last version go as it was the first site I developed on my own (not by choice, but because I had no money). While my housemates partied the nights away, I locked myself in a room for nearly two weeks learning to code – revealing the true nerd in me – and created the site from scratch.

The old site served its purpose though and I’m excited to show off the results of the 73 emails sent back and forth between me and our boss developer, Miles. Miles of FM Creations was cool enough to put up with my OCD and calmly built the new platform which is fully compatible with mobile devices. All I had to do was draw scribbles and provide the graphics which you see scattered throughout our site and shop. Now time for some show-and-tell…

‘HOME’ features rotating images giving you a glimpse of the LCA lifestyle which I’d sum up simply as “party hard, work hard, and do hard good” if you only gave me seven words to describe it. These images will change once every leap year or whenever we have new photos from our events, countries we’re socially contributing to, fresh gear, and talents in our soon-to-be-launched LCA CORe program (more on this later). The music showcased will always be a song from one of the artists in CORe with the title + artist name found on the right sidebar of pages like this one.

‘LIE*F*STYLE’ (this page) is where you should visit at least every other day to get a deeper look into the LCA culture which will resonate with you if you appreciate music or you’re into streetwear or you care about children in need or you want to learn how to develop a brand or you secretly have a crush on LEV or all of the above. Here’s the weekly schedule for our new online magazine:

- HardCORe Monday by THIRST :: Exclusive features and updates on artists in our CORe program. Occasionally, new songs will be released on our site for you to get the first listen.
- Tag Tuesday* by LCA CREW :: We tag anything and everything of interest to us. If you’re interesting, you’ll find yourself here.
- Go Read Something Else On Wednesdays :: Go Read Something Else :: We need a day off.
- Thursday LCA Music / Event Feature by LEV :: LEV brings you all that’s relevant in music and events. Forget all the other music blogs.
- Founder Friday* by petercortle :: I’ll be giving you a peek of what we’re doing behind the scenes to grow a brand which some idiot founder started while $30,000 in debt from student loans. Obviously the best segment.
- Social Saturday* by AUDrey :: AUDrey will be giving you the scoop on how the other half lives. Updates on the social impact LCA is making will also be found here.
- Streetwear Sunday* by L.I.M. :: The newest addition to the LCA Crew, L.I.M. will share his taste in streetwear with the world. Depending on what you like, you will find what he features to be really cool or really lame. If it sucks, we will revoke his writing privileges. Kidding of course.

*As you might have guessed, I spent a lot of time trying to come up with words that have the same first letter as days of the week then basing the topic around the chosen word.

‘CORe’ will be our newly initiated program launched to support up-and-coming artists through multiple platforms. The name connotes that the artists in the program are those who are talented and serious about their passions. There’s real reason and true substance to what they create and do – something LCA stands for and believes in fundamentally at its core. More details on LCA CORe you can find here.

‘SHOP’ is where you shop to save a child’s life. Enough said.

‘ABOUT’ is where you go when you have no idea why I named the brand Life Changing Apparel.

And quickly to your right on the sidebar, you’ll find our live Twitter feed (follow us on Twitter NOW to start receiving exclusive deals) and integrated mailing list which will send you spam once a month with content you won’t find anywhere else (that’s me hinting you need to take two seconds to enter your email address and hit ‘Subscribe’).

That pretty much covers everything. This will very likely be the longest and most text heavy post I ever put up on the site. If you read all of this, you have WAY too much time on your hands. But I sincerely thank you and hope you come back to see all the HUGE projects we have in store for this year. Custom footwear project, LCA’s own NGO , a record label, concert with 5K people…are all farfetched dreams for a startup brand right?