by petercortle | January 13, 2012

This is the inaugural feature for the new ‘Founder Friday’ segment we’ll have going on…you guessed it, every Friday. I’m hesitant to make this commitment as writing isn’t my forte. I’m best off focusing on the creative endeavors of LCA and pretending to do a whole lot of work behind the scenes when I’m really watching back-to-back old episodes (until this happens) of How To Make It In America. But this feature was created to show you just that – what’s actually going on behind the scenes of LCA and what it takes to grow a brand founded when I had $30,000 in debt.

My hope is that by sharing my experience, others (maybe you) will be able to learn from all the growing pains that we’re going through here at LCA. If I can stop one naive kid from the thousands who must be starting their own “lifestyle” clothing line with a “unique message” every week, I will have done my job (and saved that kid at least a few grand total which he can now put towards saving another kid’s life).

I’ll begin by giving a little insight into how we work. You see, everything on this site has a specific purpose and everything we create at LCA has been planned WELL in advance. While this website was developed over the course of two months with me nitpicking over every detail, many of the elements including the traffic visual on the homepage can be traced back to eight months ago if you took a look at my work station – aka my laptop that overheats every two hours (HP I want my money back).

Most recently, I’m working on a highly creative and collaborative custom footwear project with my dude E.H. on an idea originally conceptualized over 1.5 years ago when LCA was getting off the ground . We couldn’t undertake it then not only because I was too damn broke but we weren’t positioned to execute the project properly. Nothing but strategic moves and baby steps – I truly believe GREAT things take time. You also may not have taken notice yet, but all LCA designs go through countless rounds of iterations to bring you products of the highest quality with each having a unique story/message to tell. And so forth.

That’s enough for this week. To those of you lucky (or unlucky) enough to have joined me for this very first post, thanks and tell your cool (and weird) friends to read my segment. More importantly, make sure YOU return every Friday to keep up with the process of building a brand from the ground up (I mean who really cares about the other features going up throughout the week?) You can tweet at me if you have any questions or if you want to correct grammatical errors on my posts. Now I must go catch Mr. Mescudi in another episode of How To Make It