by AUDrey | January 14, 2012

A belated happy 2012 as the New Year gets well underway! To me, the new year not only means renewed commitment to our friends and family, but to new goals as well. While the Mayans predicted the world would end in 2012, we’ll assume for the time being it doesn’t and I have a lot of resolutions to uphold. And the entire Crew at Life Changing Apparel has a collective resolution as well.

It can be easy to forget that LCA does a lot more than sell apparel, but our ultimate goal is to create positive change and tangible impact through what we do – currently, our efforts are focused on providing clean water to as many children in need as we possibly can. It seems shocking since we hear about wars everyday, but more people die each year from lack of clean water than from violence.

Over 3.5 million people die each year from water related diseases. One child dies every 20 seconds due to the same reason.

I, for one, take clean water for granted.  Every morning I take a shower. I fill up my water bottle multiple times a day. I wash my hands frequently. I am constantly using this precious resource without even realizing it.

It is almost impossible to understand the importance of clean water when you have never gone without it, yet there are millions of people who deal with the consequences of unclean water each day. But even if we cannot fully understand it, we can make a difference. We have the opportunity to help and significantly change the life of another human being through our contribution.

LCA is on a mission: to have fresh gear purchased in one country provide clean water for a child in another. We need your help to make this goal a reality.

So in the New Year, resolve to think about global health issues instead of pushing them to the back of your mind. We all get busy with work, school, friends, and other activities, but make an effort to do something that will initiate change. One way to easily start would be by supporting LCA.

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