by petercortle | January 20, 2012

So what are we trying to achieve with the new CORe program? I’ve been asked this a number of times ever since we initiated our artists-driven collective. To begin with (and if you haven’t read the memo before), it helps to know what our program is all about. As the ‘Intro to CORe’ page will tell you:

‘Cause Over Recreation’ (CORe) is a newly initiated program launched by Life Changing Apparel (LCA) to support up-and-coming artists through multiple platforms. The name connotes that the artists in the program are those who are talented and serious about their passions. There’s real reason and true substance to what they create and do – something LCA stands for and believes in fundamentally at its core.

CAUSE /kôz/ a person or thing that gives rise to an action, phenomenon, or condition.

O•VER /ˈōvər/ in superiority to.

REC•RE•A•TION /ˌrekrēˈāSHən/ an activity of leisure.

Much like what we’re doing to revolutionize the fashion industry as the first ‘social’ streetwear brand, we seek to provide artists with a unique support system to take things another level up.

To elaborate, we’re really trying to break the same mold of what’s seen in the industry time and again. With all the respect in the world for what’s been presented by predecessors such as WeSC, LRG, RVCA, and others, LCA’s taking it a step above by establishing more than a simple relationship with the artists we work with. For us, it’s all about developing something much more meaningful through a partnership. It’s not about mailing checks to artists to simply sponsor their music videos like your clothing line next-door does every other Sunday. It’s about working with our friends to see what it is that they truly need to up their game – helping them gain access to talented videographers to create MVs if necessary. And it’s not about always providing the artists with invites to perform at a small bar to celebrate and promote the clothing line every time there’s a new release. It’s about organizing legitimate concerts at venues that can hold thousands to celebrate and promote the artists first and foremost.

This is what makes a true partnership and collaboration in my mind – going above and beyond for the other person even when you don’t expect to get anything back. I believe if you act in such an unselfish manner, good things will come back to haunt you in return…one way or another.

If you remember one take away from this feature, it should be to provide other talented people around you with real, meaningful support without expecting something in return. Because in the end, the better your friends do, the better you do.