by AUDrey | January 21, 2012

In 2010, an earthquake hit Haiti and caused massive destruction. Old news, right?  We think not. Every year, there are many natural disasters and when a new one hits, we shift our attention for a few months, donate an X sum of money, and return to our lives.

But LCA’s a little bit old school; we’re keeping our efforts focused on Haiti to maximize the imprint we leave behind.

Recently, Haiti made the news again. In 2010, after the earthquake, a cholera epidemic broke out. The epidemic has since sickened nearly 500,000 people across Haiti and killed nearly 7,000. Few people still think about the Haiti cholera epidemic, yet just this week, Partners in Health and The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene reported that the first Haitian to get cholera at the beginning of the epidemic has been identified.

This man frequently bathed and drank from the Latem River, which was just downstream from the Meye River, into which raw sewage was being drained from a from an encampment of United Nations peacekeepers from Nepal. The strain of cholera was identified as a Nepali strain and the first man to contract it died 5 days before the first cholera hospitalization in Haiti.

Although the source of the outbreak has been identified as this river, many people still bathe in it and drink from it today.  I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t drink from a contaminated river… if I could avoid it. Yet many poor Haitians cannot.

Lack of clean water causes a lose-lose situation: drink/bathe from the dirty river and get a water-related disease that leads to diarrhea, which eventually leads to dehydration and death or avoid the dirty water and die of dehydration in the hot tropical Haitian climate.

Each piece of LCA apparel purchased donates one LifeStraw to a child in need. LifeStraws provide access to clean drinking water by removing about 99.6% of contaminants in unclean water. If each person who got sick from cholera in Haiti (500,000+) had a LifeStraw they could have avoided drinking the contaminated water and essentially avoided cholera.

Help prevent cholera and other water-related diseases through the purchase made through LCA. You can do good without having to compromise your style.

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