by petercortle | February 3, 2012

Not what you might have been expecting for this week’s feature – it’s not going to include more details on our footwear project you may have already seen. Don’t know if you heard, but all the revenue LCA makes goes to our social contribution or is reinvesting into our brand to bring you better designs and products. So I’m still cash poor and can’t afford a DSLR camera meaning I have to go beg a friend to snap some photos of the AF1′s that came into the office (and by office, I mean home) a few days back.

But until I’m able to write my own rags to riches story, you may have heard of a recent one about David Choe. For those of you who don’t know, Dave is a graffiti artist who also happens to be the only person I’ve been subscribed to on Facebook (ever since I found out he created the album cover for Collision Course). Art school drop-out who manages to turn things around after spending time in prison, Dave became a world renown artist getting paid high commissions for his work. And if that wasn’t enough, now he is sitting on a cool $200 million for the murals he painted at Facebook’s earlier office. No, he wasn’t exactly paid that amount but the value of the stock options he opted to receive in 2005 (instead of thousands in cash) is now estimated to be that much.

Perhaps the situation is best described by Dave himself when he says:

F*ck, have you had the dream where you ARE this guy?!? And then some kind of happy accident happens, and as you’re in the middle of this glorious car crash you stop to realize that there is actually no such thing as an accident, and no chance encounters, and that everything has a direct purpose? [...] then I get up and see my picture on the cover of the New York Times and I find out that I’m the most highest paid decorator alive.

As seen on LifeChangingApparel.com :: David Choe

Much like Dave inexplicably taking a piece of paper giving him stock in a company he thought was “pointless”, some of the things we do are simply us following our gut feeling. I’m a big believer in things happening for a reason – even me pursuing LCA full-time is largely based on this belief. And how else can we explain the series of events over the past couple of years that has led us to (soon) launching Life Changing Records and signing talented artists from Virginia?

Excuse me while I bring out the spray paint and start drawing again…