by petercortle | February 10, 2012

Would you believe me if I told you I was on the Jeremy Lin bandwagon before there was a Jeremy Lin bandwagon? Neither would I. Would you believe me if I told you the only live college basketball game I attended coincidentally starred Jeremy on the opposing team? Maybe that’s a bit more believeable.

Both are true facts but they’re besides the point. While I’ve been keeping tabs on Jeremy’s progress ever since seeing a fellow Asian dude light up the stat sheet one winter night, I admit I had all but forgotten after he was waived by the Warriors. That is until his recent starts when EVERYONE began to take notice.

As seen on :: Jeremy Lin at Harvard

So today’s feature is for all of the underdogs. Because LCA launching the world’s first social streetwear brand while $30,000 in debt is also a true underdog story – one that is still in motion. The son of Taiwanese immigrants, Jeremy led his high school team to a state title and was named player of the year in California yet received no scholarship offers. He proceeded to attend Harvard where he became the first player in Ivy League history to record at least 1,450 points, 450 rebounds, 400 assists and 200 steals.

He then was passed over by all NBA teams (many of them twice) in the draft and later signed with his hometown team, the Golden State Warriors. Following his release from the Warriors and the Houston Rockets, the New York Knicks picked him up and the rest, as they say, is history

(That’s Jeremy crossing over John Wall, the #1 pick of the same draft Jeremy was overlooked in.)

To many, Jeremy’s story will appear to have just begun. But that’s all a matter of perspective. His journey really began years back, with him pushing forward every step of the way when most people would have given up. This is the reason we’re all talking about him now. After looking at the type of drive and persistence he’s shown to get to this point, you shouldn’t doubt how far Jeremy will be able to go (aka it’s not a fluke).

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LCA is, in many ways, on the same journey – slowly turning the doubters into believers, and not letting others tell us when we should stop. And until we get the call up to the pros, we’ll continue to put in the hours at D-League. We hope you continue to support and join us for the entire ride.