by AUDrey | February 11, 2012

Malaria causes some 225 million acute illnesses and over 780,000 deaths, annually. 

I rarely think about malaria, even when I’m up in northern Michigan in the summertime by a lake and the mosquitoes are everywhere. And this is okay too. Because in the U.S., malaria is not something we worry about since only about 1200 cases of malaria are discovered in the U.S. each year.

As seen on :: Malaria Mosquito

We know that malaria is spread by the bites of malaria-infected mosquitoes. These mosquitoes breed in areas of fresh or brackish water. Malaria can cause a huge range of symptoms from food-poisoning like symptoms to death.

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Although there is recent research showing that the malaria parasite may not be around for that much longer, but it currently is still possible to contract malaria and the high number of deaths due to malaria worldwide is proof of that.

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The Global Fund is the biggest foundation working to fight AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria.  Yet, it seems many people only devote their attention to AIDS. Fighting malaria deaths worldwide often is less recognized, but is a very important cause.

Artemisinin, a drug on which millions of dollars are being spent, is being talked about as a candidate for a Nobel Prize in Medicine. Artemisinin is a malaria treatment drug. Drugs to treat malaria are still in the spotlight for scientific achievement, meaning malaria is still a disease that has not been finished.

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Malaria is treatable. Let’s help the hundreds of thousands of people dying each year from malaria and by doing something about it. How you take this action is up to you.

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