by L.I.M. | February 12, 2012

In high school, everyone wanted one. The embroidered player name and number on the front, school name and mascot on the back, the varsity jacket embodied both one’s team and high school.

As seen on :: Varsity Jacket

For many, the jacket was a rite of passage, signifying that the wearer was an accepted and important member of their student body. However, even for the less school-spirited ones of us, the jacket is a classic wardrobe option.

As seen on :: New York Destroyer Varsity Jacket

Surging back into mainstream with the classic Americana resurgence in streetwear following Redwing boots and Spiewak coats, this jacket, once updated with a slimmer fit, makes a great addition to any wardrobe.

As seen on :: Original Fake Varsity Jacket

The contrast in both color and material in the jacket makes it an intriguing piece. The soft leather sleeves of the jacket against the scratchy, heavyhand of the wool body. Then finished off with a cotton trim. The changes in texture makes even a monotone jacket a neck breaker, adding a touch of class while still maintain that casual, confident atmosphere.