by petercortle | February 17, 2012

This might be a bad idea…but then again, a lot of people thought LCA was a bad idea. And there’s no turning back now. As you know, we’ve been planning a label for quite some time – we even have a tee design produced a year and a half back to prove it.

As seen on LifeChangingApparel.com :: Records Tee

While the full launch of Life Changing Records will take place in April, here’s a brief sneak peek for LCA’s loyal supporters. We’re also giving you the first listen to just a glimpse of what’s to come via one track on LCR’s site. A new song from our mysterious first artist will be released every Friday so check often and make your own judgment after listening to at least five tracks.

Life Changing Records :: Click to Enter Flash Site

Most importantly, go like “Life Changing Records” now so you can say you were one of the firsts to support a true lifestyle brand before it became HUGE.