by Thirst | February 27, 2012

Being a Kinetics & One Love fan is not just like reaching into a box of chocolates, but more like indulging in the most exotic box of chocolates in the world. You never know what you’re going to get unless you look at the inside picture guide to the flavors, and even when you do know what flavor you have you still can’t prepare for the onslaught of unique, gem-like ingredients in your chocolate. Or, perhaps I should simply reference Kinetics himself, who is a far more deft writer than I — “I can spit an underground, pop or electro bar/I’m always one to turn styles, metro card.”

As seen on :: Kinetics and One Love in LCA CORe

The breadth and depth of the Kinetics & One Love catalogue is such that one can find classic hip-hop scratches intwined with the crunchiest of dubstep womps, along with some truly inspiring poetic sagas of uplift and redemption. These are artists with vision, and Life Changing Apparel couldn’t be more excited to partner with the talented, humble and innovative duo to kick off our CORe program.

As seen on :: LCA x Kinetics and One Love Photoshoot

As LCA CORe artists, Kinetics & One Love will be featured regularly on our blog, Facebook and Twitter as they release new music, new tour dates, new mixtapes and generally #makemoves.  And don’t be surprised if you start seeing the pair rocking LCA gear in photoshoots and music videos — we like to think our clothes are perfectly tailored for all sorts of next level musical stylings, and this partnership with K&1L is just the beginning of a beautiful combination.