by L.I.M. | March 4, 2012

Americana has become a fundamental aspect of streetwear. Based on the same principles as Stussy, Americana started gaining popularity because it is inexpensive, functional, and minimalistic, focused on quality materials rather than new and overly designed pieces. As a result, companies such as Spiewak and Redwing have gained much traction in the fickle streetwear market.

Raw denim, or unwashed denim, is a uniform dark navy color. As one wears the jeans, the denim “fades out” and creates a personalized pair of denim. The fit is entirely unique, and the stains and rips reflect  an individual lifestyle, creating a piece that’s entirely yours.

To be honest, I’ve never particularly thought raw denim as being comfortable. My jeans start out a size or two too small to account for stretching, and the denim is so crunchy that walking hurts for the first couple of days. However, since I’m under 5’7″, I’ve never been able to find prewashed denim that fit me; the honeycombs never matched up, making my pants always look awkward. Raw denim gave me jeans that are mine, and mine alone.

Best of all, I now have an excuse to wear the same pants every day of the week!

P.S. Check out this video of Sidney Lo to see how raw denim changes after 365 days.