by L.I.M. | March 11, 2012

Natural leather goods and denim first gained popularity in the mid 1900′s when people needed durable goods to support a hard-wearing lifestyle. As a result, leather goods were a natural complement to raw denim when streetwear’s Americana movement surged. Interestingly enough, these leather goods, like raw denim, were also perfected into an artform by Japanese manufacturers, creating reproductions that had a level of quality second to no other.

Natural leather belts, wallets, and bracelets age with wear and fade/darken to fit a lifestyle. Starting out with a pink hue, the pieces darken and crumble, adding character and patina to them. Like denim, no two turn out the same way, creating an item that is the wearer’s alone.

I started out with leather wallets because they left impressions on raw denim pretty easily, making a signature fade that marked my own jeans. The circle fade on the back pocket in the above picture is from the conch snap button that is commonplace on a lot of natural leather wallets. I love this touch because machine washed jeans never have this unique fade.

However, I soon started to appreciate my wallet as more than just a fading technique. The colors, the stains, the leather wallet itself present aesthetics that can’t be duplicated.