by L.I.M. | March 18, 2012

I know I’m going to sound like a loser, but I like online forums. Although I rarely post, reading about a variety of opinions and topics from people all over the world can’t help but be fascinating. In fact, the internet has played a large role in the evolution of my style over the years. But more so than me, the internet has shaped streetwear itself.

Over the years, I’ve come to appreciate four websites for my streetwear news… the NYTimes of streetwear.

1. :: High Snobiety’s identified most with the common definition of streetwear for years. It’s a great blog to follow if you’re a huge fan of Stussy, Visvim, Vans, etc.

Like the article on this Black Peanuts Collection for Dover Street Market, Highsnobiety is the best for the latest and hottest streetwear drops

2. :: 5th Dimension is classic 90′s streetwear. Northface jackets, pinrolled jeans, and clean Nikes or OG Jordans. It’s fascinating how steadfast their WAYWT fits never seem to change from the mold. True streetwear aficionados.

5th Dimension Fits

3. :: In contrast to 5th Dimension, Street Etiquette’s tastes seem to always be evolving. I’ve been following the blog for years and the changes in their style over the years as the writers mature is really intriguing.

Street Etiquette’s Evolution

4. :: To be honest, Superfuture is a clusterfuck, and in many ways, there’s kind of a hive mentality towards fashion. Ranging from dunks in early 2000′s to gothninja to americana, fashions come and go fast. However, Supertrash is always good for a laugh, and I waste atleast two hours a week on the ‘What did you eat today?’ thread.

SUFU What are You Wearing Today?

SUFU What are You Eating Today