by L.I.M. | March 25, 2012

Uniqlo is probably my favorite clothing store. Although my Japanese friends laugh at me because I love Japan’s equivalent to the GAP, Uniqlo has carved out its own niche in America. The slim fit, low prices, and unbranded designs make it my premier destination for basic shirts and pants.

However, in addition to being a cheap basics store, the company has had several collaborations with famous designers over the years: Opening Ceremony, Jil Sander (+J), Kiminori Morishita, Gilded Age, etc.

This spring, Uniqlo collaborated with the Japanese menswear company, Undercover. Interestingly enough, according to a translation of Jun Takahashi’s blog on Third Looks, Takahashi, the mastermind behind Undercover, once said he would never collaborate with fast, “disposable” fashion. Takahashi’s clothing has been unique and high priced, a design meant to be worn for years rather than Uniqlo’s low-priced wares.

Takahashi claimed he created this collaboration line because he wanted to design a children’s line for Undercover. Also, he wanted to create an interpretation of “Undercover” for the masses. Undercover has long been a niche clothing brand; it is not for everyone. In many ways, this collaboration seems to go against many of Takahashi’s principles behind his clothing. And this Undercover x Uniqlo collaboration may just be a money making scheme. But the collabo does bring some excitement and uniqueness to Uniqlo’s otherwise bland and safe designs.