by L.I.M. | April 1, 2012

As my followers probably know, I really like monochrome colors. Coats, shirts, cardigans, pants, you name it, I probably own it in black, white, or shades of gray. However, my most iconic monochrome piece is probably my white high tops.

Common Projects

I love high tops in general. Although I have to be careful of which models I rock because I can end up looking like a midget, I can’t help but choose a pair of my high tops every morning because I love the effect it gives.

Raf Simons

While low tops do look fresh, many pairs can’t help but look understated because they’re covered by pants hems. High tops are always noticed and give pizazz to just about any oufit, especially with your pants tucked.

Jordan I

I currently have a pair of Vael Project Terminatrix and a pair of Reebok Ex-o-fit Highs based on a Juun J x Reebok collaboration in my rotation.  I love the zip-up detail on my Vael’s, and the patent leather outline on my Reeboks.

Reebok Ex-o-Fit Highs

Vael Project Terminatrix

A clean pair of white hightops are a fresh contrast to just about any outfit.