by RILEy | April 3, 2012

Psychedelics, Styrofoam cups, bass-knockin beats, and a feature list that rivals many of best mixtapes put out in the last year encapsulates Mac Miller’s latest from the labs of Rostrum called “Macadelic.” Following Mac on Twitter I often saw glimpses of lyrics and references to this “Macadelic” style but I had no idea the artist who put on a show with LCA last year would be droppin something like this.

As seen on :: Mac Miller Loud

His debut album Blue Slide Park was good, but not great. And he caught some shit for it. With his high school rap flavor combined with some new lyrical combinations Blue Slide Park was not up to the expectations everyone had created. With that in mind, the Pittsburgh Kid went back to the lab and created not only a new sound,but a new image.  With a new flow, new perspective, and chip on his shoulder Mac brings it. His delivery shows a different meter and rhyme scheme that I haven’t heard from him before.

He’s growin up now which you can tell through his references to sippin’ drank out of Styrofoam cups and talks of the millions that he does now in fact have. But what really impressed me was the introspective ride he takes you on with songs like “Clarity” and “Angels” where he reveals that the life that he is livin isn’t as glamorous and awesome as he thought it would. Yes, he’s with multiple chicks every night, smoking til his eyes bleed, and accumulating an affinity for other substances. But he understands that he isn’t that kid from Pittsburgh lookin up to his idols of Big L, Outkast, and The Tribe anymore, he now is that guy.

Macadelic shows Miller’s range of what he is capable of. I have been listening to it for a week straight and have yet to get sick of it. From the straight party anthem “Louder” to his collaboration with Juicy J, Mac kills this mixtape and I can only hope he keeps progressing like this. CUZ THIS SHIT BANGS!