by RILEy | May 1, 2012

Now I’m not gonna lie, I wasn’t a fan of “Sir Robert Bryson Hall II” for awhile. I figured he was another dude who got ProTools, that’s trying to be another Mac Miller with a different town to represent. And I was right all accounts except….. for the fact that he might be BETTER than Mr. Macadelic (no disrespect – as you all know LCA has thrown a concert with Mac in the past). It truly is UNDENIABLE to say that Logic is absolutely killing every track on this mixtape.


From the first track ‘Inception’ to the last, “Young Sinatra” serenades the ears with a combination of intelligent puns, bilingual bars, and a flow that ranges from a headbanging, Mos Def’esque verocity to a smooth, cool, and rapid delivery similar to a Kendrick Lamar or Bone Thugz. Ya, I know,I just named some of the greatest rappers ever to create music,and Let’s be real Sir Robert definitely has some work to do on his content and street cred. But Logic can spit.

Lyrically, Logic literally is a linguistic lunatic, laced with alliterations, ludacris lymericks, and lightning fast lines  (see what I did there..ay). But seriously, the dude blew me away. I just finished listening to the whole album through and still can’t decide what the best song is. EVERY beat is dope. With the combination of samples from old east coast, west coast, and even Tribe songs, to a sample Frank Ocean’s babymaker ‘Thinking About You,” each beat is produced to perfection and made unique with Logic’s style. I mean, The Tribe is undoubtedly my favorite group/artist of all time, and I thought no one could ever replicate, or spit, anywhere close to Tip or Phife on ‘Electric Relaxation,’ but Logic made me wonder….


I can’t say anything other than this kid is going to surprise a lot of people with this mixtape. He’s smart, he’s got a story, and he’s got confidence in his style that is refreshing to see compared to all these Huey Mac/Sammy Adams’ type college rappers. EVERY song is DIFFERENT, he doesn’t repeat himself like Wiz and Lil Wayne, and he’s a dude from Maryland just trying to make a buck. “Sir Robert” you got me listenin, and you all should too. Cuz THIS SHIT BANGS!

Extra SOWse:

For the Ladies: Logic – What You Want & Logic – Do Ya Like

Ride: Logic – Dear GodLogic – Life of a DonLogic – No Biggie