by AUDrey | May 12, 2012

It’s final’s season. At Cornell, the first week is ending and I’m about to start preparing for my second half of exams (half way there!). Obviously, with finals comes lots of complaining and groaning about the amount of time spent in the library and amount of coffee drunk in order to succeed. And although I generally try and stay away from being too sentimental, I would like today’s post to be a kind of thanksgiving.

I know it’s only May and I have loads of things to worry about (my “fake” problems as my friends call them), but as I sat here trying to write about another global health crisis, I started to realize that we have it pretty good. Occasionally it does hit me that I have it good just being able to college, but during final’s season I usually get wrapped up in myself and forget to think about the outside world.

It’s so true that college is a bubble- we begin to think that our college problems are comparable to some of the big global health crises.  Everyday, people are dying because of lack of clean water, lack of shelter, lack of food, and lack of healthcare to name a few reasons. These things that we take for granted are what some people would kill for.

So while we study hard and sleep very little, it’s crucial to take time and gain a little perspective. Take a study break and buy cool gear from Life Changing Apparel and save a life while you’re at it by providing clean water to a child in need

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