Below are the questions we receive most often. If any of your questions are not addressed below, holler at us here.

How are the contributions made?

For every purchase made, Life Changing Apparel provides a personal water purification systemto a child in a developing country without access to clean drinking water. The distribution is taken care of through our partnering NGO that has years of experience creating positive social change throughout the world.

Our current efforts are being focused on Haiti and members of the LCA Crew, including founder Peter Cortle, traveled to the country this past summer. LCA will soon have its own registered NGO (wholly separate entity) to carry out all aspects of the social impact being made through your purchase.

Why clean water?

There are more than 1 billion people without access to clean drinking water – that is about 1 out of every 8 people in the world! Worse yet, around 6,000 people die from disease contracted from unsafe drinking water everyday – most of them children. I don’t know about you but I drink a lot of liquids everyday and couldn’t imagine living without water.

For more on social impact, check out this page.

Why a personal purification system?

While it would be great to to be able to provide clean water for entire communities at once, that would mean much longer waiting periods before positive impact is made.  Our desire for immediate change is why we provide a single water purification system for each purchase. Furthermore, our portable purifiers extract nearly all of the harmful toxins outperforming even the best-built wells in developing countries.

What size shirt is right for me?

Our 100% combed cotton tees are slightly more fitted compared to an average tee. As with any cotton shirts, the tees will shrink a bit if put in the dryer.  Before washing, we recommend that you flip your shirt inside out, wash with cold water, and hang dry.

Please check out the size chart for more details.

Could the apparel be priced lower?

We could further lower prices if we took manufacturing to countries where labor costs are exceptionally low. However, Life Changing Apparel strives to offer the highest quality products to its customers and to practice good ethics at all levels. That is why all of our apparel is made in the USA to ensure no child labor was used during the production process. As such, prices need to be kept at a certain level to provide the best for our customers.

I’m have trouble with ordering, where can I get help?

Any problems with ordering process can be reported to our Life Changing Customer Service representatives here.

I own a clothing store and want to carry and distribute Life Changing Apparel. Can you hook me up?

All Life Changing Apparel products are carried exclusively at our online shop and a select number of retailers.

How do I apply for a job at LCA?

Sorry, but all of our positions are currently full.  For information on joining the LCA Crew, send us an email here.

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