Intro to CORe

ARTISTS DRIVEN INITIATIVE. Limited to select number of artists – official roster will be announced very soon.

Cause Over Recreation’ (CORe) is a newly initiated program launched by Life Changing Apparel (LCA) to support up-and-coming artists through multiple platforms. The name connotes that the artists in the program are those who are talented and serious about their passions. There’s real reason and true substance to what they create and do – something LCA stands for and believes in fundamentally at its core.

CAUSE /kôz/ a person or thing that gives rise to an action, phenomenon, or condition.

O•VER /ˈōvər/ in superiority to.

REC•RE•A•TION /ˌrekrēˈāSHən/ an activity of leisure.

Much like what we’re doing to revolutionize the fashion industry as the first ‘social’ streetwear brand, we seek to provide artists with a unique support system to take things another level up.

Up Next

Chiddy Bang, Freddie Gibbs, and Mac Miller are just a few of the artists we’ve connected with in the past year with LCA hosting a concert headlining Mac last Spring.  We will continue to support artists we believe in through various channels including our next concert at a 5,000 capacity venue in September 2012.