Kinetics & One Love

Grammy nominated songwriters Kinetics & One Love, a hip-hop/electronic duo from NYC, are revitalizing underground hip-hop and reinventing standards for dance and pop music. Signed as songwriters with Warner Music Group, the duo made their commercial debut in 2010 by penning the chorus to B.o.B’s multiplatinum selling “Airplanes.”

Ever since they met in college, rapper Kinetics has been offering a distinctive complement to One Love’s instrumentals, eclectic reflections of Love’s background as a club DJ and drummer in an indie rock band. It doesn’t hurt that the two graduated from an Ivy League university: One Love’s extensive training in music theory and classical composition is evident in the production, while Kinetics’s lyrics breathe socially conscious and provocative themes. K&1L are currently in the midst of an East Coast college tour while simultaneously songwriting for several major label artists and working on their upcoming album.